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A New Rock Musical

 About the show 

Medusa has just started at Olympus High. Look, there’s sports star Atlas out on the field, Aphrodite cheerleading from the side, goth Persephone hanging out by the school gates and don’t forget mysterious school-witch Circe…


Maybe this is the school where Medusa will finally learn how to fit in. But soon enough she’s out with the gods, as mean girl Athena writes a load of nasty words on her locker and even her own snakes-for-hair decide to give her the cold shoulder. She’s on her own.

Will she ever find friends, let alone love? And who will help her along the way?

Through playful knitted puppetry and electrifying punk rock music, this brand new musical of self-acceptance and friendship is brought thrillingly to life. 

Percy Jackson meets Heartstopper,
with rock songs...

Holly will be playing the role of Medusa for the run at little angel theatre from 10 feb - 24 March 2024. 

For select performances the role of Medusa will be played by Nadia Wyn Abouayen who will take over the role from 28 march.

Medusa - The Stage - Music Quote .png

You can now listen to the mini-album on your favourite streaming services!


As part of our first Arts Council England grant, we were able to record a 5-track mini-album for anyone to listen to, for free!

Tell us your favourite track!

 Short Film 

The idea that started it all.

London's Little Angel Theatre gave Holly and P a seed commission to turn Medusa into a free musical short.

Medusa: Holly Mallett (Andy & the Band, CBBC)

Circe: Mei Mac (My name is Totoro, Barbican)

Director: P Burton-Morgan

Ignoring the bullies, Medusa and her trio of snake-hair sidekicks, set out on an odyssey of discovery, determined to find love on her own terms. A riotously joyful punk musical retelling of the Medusa myth, for anyone who’s ever felt different…

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