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Holly trained at the Academy of Contemporary Music with a speciality in drumming. Her work as a drummer has included sessions for Universal Music Group, wedding and party bands, theatre pit work and notable large-scale festival and arena tours for both originals bands and BBC Worldwide.

She's known for her creativity behind the kit, ability to connect and improvise with other musicians, and quick pickup rate. She also reads drum music and often works with MD's on musical theatre.

Holly also plays guitar, bass and keys, and has a home studio set-up where she writes and records.

She's currently working on her debut musical which has received two bouts of Arts Council funding and will have its stage premiere in early 2024.

Festival Tour  - Andy & The Odd Socks
Summer 2023

Who's In The Odd Socks? - Music Video

Norwich Pride 2023.png

Norwich Pride - Main Stage

Live Drum Reel

Andy & The Band - Behind The Scenes

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